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Photographer & Editor

John Montanye

Rediscovering everyday moments

Led by curiosity

A few years back, John was walking through an art show and stopped at a particular tent that drew his attention. There, art centered around the usage of light in extreme conditions. Drawn by the curiosity of what else could be done using light, John went on a journey to find out how color had been manipulated with light in the photography world.

This led him to infrared styled photography. A style where common colors (red, green, blue) are heavily manipulated with light to create a completely new visual experience. The resulting process ends with photos that are either mostly red or mostly white as can be seen below.

The goal of this art is to give us a look at everyday moments that we often take for granted and give us a new appreciation for how important light is to our perception of color.

Manipulating Green

Emphasizing Red

Manipulating Green

Emphasizing White

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Software developer by day

John works as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer by day. Check out his work at where he works on his own freelance projects and showcases his abilities.

When not working, he can be found at his favorite coffee shops and restaurants, playing board games with friends, working on tech, and exploring nature.

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